27 June 2010


Liza before picture (This was taken on previous make over-didnt take the b4 pic yesterday. Liza has put on a little xtra pound on her face-only the face..hehehe)

Again-Liza has given me the trust for another of her private function. Thank you very much Liza

Side view of the eyes

And another ;-)

This picture was taken using my iphone-the above 4 pics were from my camera. I really need a good camera-not satisfied with picture outcome. Or it is just me who do not have the skill...he he he he. Insya'allah need to save & get an easy digital camera-dummy proof with excellent pic quality but yet cheap (ada ke??)...ha ha ha ha

26 June 2010

Norbain-Friend's Nikah 260610

Norbain's before picture

Alhamdulillah-a very simple & down to earth lady. I did a light pink make up to suit her shocking pink tudung and pink baju (this pic is before she change to the actual attire). This pic is taken with flash.

The above pic is without flash-more natural look.
Norbain is a simple lady hence she's not use to heavy make up and her last make over was during her wedding :-). She hired me for another session that is for the wedding reception. Since it is a VVIP wedding and she has given the responsibility to usher a VVIP, that explains why she needs this make over ;-). Stay tune for her next make over this coming Wednesday. Thank you very much Norbain for your trust in my work.

Ainul's Engagement 120610

Ainul's before picture

From the side-I did a light & natural make up. She is just 25 years old and never experienced wearing a full make up before-this is her first ever ;-)

She is a sweet, lovely and tall girl-5 ft 10 inches-qualified to be a model :-) and she had been approached by a modeling agency too but total opposite-a lawyer by profession ;-)

I'm using my iphone camera only--there was a professional photographer during the event. I am hoping to get a few pics from him-hopefully!