03 July 2011

Lela & Nazir Nikah Video in HD

Zalilawati - Dinner Make Up | Kelana Jaya 02072011

Salam People,

Thank you so much Zal for giving me this opportunity and see you again on the 16th & 17th December 2011 - Insya'allah.

Zal before make up - A bubbly person she is!

Hair & Make Up done by NadiyaMakeOver

This pic with flash on

19 June 2011

Fatin & Azmir - Wedding Photoshoot | 19th June 2011

Salam People,

Once again I'm honoured to have the trust from Ezan's family but this time round I'm doing the make up for the outdoor bridal photoshoot. Thank you Fatin and Azmir for sharing this memorable event with me. One unique thing about this event - for the 1st time in my make up experience...I've been served a cup of coffee by the groom! YES...Azmir did the coffee for me. Such a humble and sweet guy he is! Fatin, you are one lucky lady! :D

Fatin's before picture - sweet, humble & courteous lady

ALL pictures taken without flash -using just natural light

Picture taken outside the cottage @ A Park - excuse the fog from the pic, my bad - camera lense was covered with fog (just came out from an aircond room and I didn't notice that I did not cover the lense :P)

CONGRATULATIONS to both of you and the journey just begins...seize every moments together!

Ezan's Nephew Wedding - 2 functions | Grand Dorsett & A Park | 11th June & 18th June 2011

Salam People,

I am very honoured to gain the trust from Ezan Samad's family. I am hired for 2 functions for her nephew's wedding. The make up was done for 7 flower girls and 3 Adults at Grand Dorsett Subang Jaya & 3 flower girls and 2 adults at A Park Puchong.

Of course I can't do this alone (mau patah pinggang...hehehe) - happy to get the assistance from Zarina Amal for both occasions.

I didn't manage to take many pictures at Dorsett - hope to get the pictures from the courtesy of Ezan's family :-).

Allisya - Groom's sister, flower girl

NOT 100% ready - Have yet to apply the apologies, was rushing for others :D

Ezan Samad - before picture

Ezan's & Sister - Sister make up done by Zarina Amal

Zurin's before picture - Bridesmaid

My biggest thank you to Ezan and her family for sharing a part of their memorable events.

03 June 2011

Yaya - Bersanding 03062011 (Masjid Wilayah)

Salam People,

I am honoured to be part of Yaya's big day - Thank you so much Yaya & family & Selamat Pengantin Baru :-).

Yaya's before picture - an intelligent lady :-)

31 May 2011

Azian's Nikah & Sanding - 28th May 2011 & 29th May 2011 (Bandar Sunway)

Salam People,

Once again I'm given the trust to be the make up artist for this bubbly lady for her nikah & sanding (Did her engagement make up before, check out my older post). Here were some pictures taken from camera (excuse the picture quality - not a professional though when it comes to picture taking :P)

Azian before picture - A warm, bubbly & humble person. Thank you so much Azian and "Selamat Pengantin Baru :D" - Enjoy the journey ya! Every moments must be treasured!

All the above pictures were on her nikah day on 28th May 2011

All the above pictures were on her sanding day on 29th May 2011

13 March 2011

Norhasna - Bangi | Nikah | Sanding 12/03/2011 & Bertandang 13/03/2011

Salam People,

Alhamdulillah I was given the trust to be Ana's make up artist for all her receptions. My thank you(s) to this sweet girl and family (dapat berkat telur pindang-my favourite ;D).

Make over was done as simple and sweet as the bride (as per requested) ;-). It was just to accentuate the natural beauty of the bride.

Anna before picture

Nikah 12/03/2011

Nikah 12/03/2011

Sanding 12/03/2011

Sanding 12/03/2011

Bertandang 13/03/2011

Bertandang 13/03/2011

Ija's company dinner - Jalan Ipoh 12/03/2011

Salam People,

My thank you(s) to Ija for having the trust in me - by coincident she was blog walking and saw my make over blog. What a surprise, one of my previous customer (Azian-Sunway) was her lecturer :-). Ija if you are reading this...please remind me to give you Azian's number (terlupa nak bagi hari tuh :-)

Ija before


The smokey eyes as per requested

Hairdo is done by me too (requested for the curl)

28 February 2011

Lela Nikah & Sanding-Puchong Perdana

First and foremost my thank you(s) to Saybe (Sabrina) for giving me the trust to make over her cousin on her big day. Appreciate it :D

Lela BEFORE picture

Lela make up for NIKAH

Nikah's eye colours

Love this picture-took it candid!

I am honoured as well to perform my task on her sanding day-which was done a day after her nikah :-). Her theme was lilac-marvelous setup on pelamin decoration as well the wedding tent.

Lela on her sanding day :-)

Another sweet pose by the bride-hair done by me too :D

The eye colours

Another close up look-used fake lashes at bottom lid too ;-)

Fantastic pose by the bride :D

Look at the pelamin...isn't it beautiful? Simple yet elegant!