26 June 2010

Norbain-Friend's Nikah 260610

Norbain's before picture

Alhamdulillah-a very simple & down to earth lady. I did a light pink make up to suit her shocking pink tudung and pink baju (this pic is before she change to the actual attire). This pic is taken with flash.

The above pic is without flash-more natural look.
Norbain is a simple lady hence she's not use to heavy make up and her last make over was during her wedding :-). She hired me for another session that is for the wedding reception. Since it is a VVIP wedding and she has given the responsibility to usher a VVIP, that explains why she needs this make over ;-). Stay tune for her next make over this coming Wednesday. Thank you very much Norbain for your trust in my work.

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