17 January 2010

Ayang Kamell's Make Up Lesson-170110

Today is my lucky day as I've attended a day make up course with the ever famous Ayang Kamell. He is a very humble person and never stop from giving us tips about make up and other stuff in the subjective world of make up.

My special thanks to Awin for being a great organizer and providing us with foods :-). Not to mention, Zarina for letting me know about this class and enrolled us to the the course.

Ayang Kamell in action :D

Some of his complete set of brushes-A MUST HAVE items!

16 January 2010


Nattasha BEFORE look and again I totally forgot to take her bared face-this has been touch up with the bad again ;-)
Nattasha is going for her pre-wedding photoshoot today and requested me to do the makeover. Her theme for the photoshoot is vintage ;-)

Close up on her eye make up-since it's a vintage theme, I've thickened the eyeliner to make it look more classic.

Walah there she is...stunning & beautiful! The hairdo is done by Nattasha herself....Me NOT that expert yet in hairdo BUT will definitely learn to add on my skills :-)

Alhamdulillah...she is happy with the outcome and hope that her pre wedding photoshoot goes well!
Hope to get few photos from her pre wedding photoshoot taken by the professional photographer & will definitely update my blog :-)

14 January 2010

Fatin Nadia-140110

I did a mistake-in which I didn't take her before picture..ha ha ha ha. So I digged out & scroll thru my camera roll & found this picture of Fatin with me and frankly I can't recall the date I took this photo :-).

Fatin Nadia hardly wears make up and when she does...she is stunning! Just scroll below to see how she looks!

View on the colours I've put on her eyes--I just love the colours :-D

How does she looks? Stunning aite? She is photogenic too!

Another pose from Ms Photogenic-Fatin Nadia!

Siti Sarah-MakeOver 100110

Siti Sarah before her make over. She’s my niece who is expecting her 1st baby soon. Her skin is soft & supple…just a few breakouts which is perfectly normal when your hormones change during pregnancy. Nevertheless, she is glowing and one thing I like about this girl…she is so relax and cool:-)

I chose smokey eyes as I wanted to give this hot
mama a turn on look :D. It turns out OK, I guess ... but her husband was pretty shocked with the colour-ha ha ha.I didn't trim nor shave her eyebrows as per her request-brows were never shaped or thread in her entire life NOT even during her wedding day!But she is bless with the natural curve.

Tadahhh…maybe it wasn’t my best shot doing this make over. To be franked I wasn’t feeling that OK on the day I did her make up (Having a back pain and the make over was done at my mum’s in law’s place). I’m NOT 100% satisfied with my work and still lots of learning needs to be done. A motivation for me to strive harder and to learn from the experience too! Feel free to drop me your comments—I’m an OPEN person who is willing to receive it, give it to me…ha ha it good or BAD, I’ll take the challenge ;-). I always believe—nothing in this world comes easy for something that is good. No such thing as “SHORTCUT”…is ALL about working hard, smart, BAD critics, people hate you….people talk bad behind you—ALL these are the challenges I have to face and I can’t STOP it from happening as it’s the facts of LIFE. With these too you will EXCEL, IMPROVE and make you a better person—the person you are today and the person you want to be.

Side view of Siti Sarah—she has such a lovely and sweet smile and I just love her white sparkle teeth! (I wish I have that too…he he he). From this angle—proven that I need to brush up on my shading skills. Insya’allah I will NOT stop learning and learning is never an ending process :-)

05 January 2010

Helmi Liza-New Year MakeOver 010110

Helmi Liza-my good friend, colleague & staff and has been knowing her for quite number of years. From the moment I knew her...she was never a positive person on her image. I've continously tell her that no wonder what size or shape we are BEAUTIFUL. She is a SIMPLE lady, jeans & loose t-shirt was her favourite previously. She started to change slowly...of course with her husband's blessing too and walah...she is now full of colours and much more confident of herself. She is mom of a 6 year old daughter-Nasirah. She's a tough lady..literally (Don't even mess with her else you'll be jumping out from the building..hahahaha) but very sincere & kind at heart.

This make over I've done for her is mainly to boost her day as her beloved husband is coming home!

I've chose earth tone colour to suit her all day wearing and "alhamdulillah" it turn out well on her. My challenge with her is her rounded face. Loads of shading need to be done and since I'm still's not as perfect as I wanted it to be. There's always room for improvement and I will improve it!

Mazidah Isa-MakeOver 301209

Mazidah has a flawless & fair skin, hence it's easy for me to apply the make up base. My challenge was her eyes-she has a cat eyes and minimal eye lid. I've decided to go for deep eye coloured.

Wanted to do smokey eyes but due to limited time (we are rushing to play bowling & the makeover was done in the office!)-the best result I did for Mazidah. No false eye lashes too! Until next time Mazid...I will complete your smokey eyes with falsies too :-)

Personally, I love her post (this one)! It shows her bubbly character that is full of colours too! A mummy of 1 boy...didn't I mentioned that? bad. She still looks as if she has just came out from high school aite? Kudos to her petite figure and most importantly she's pretty from inside too! :-)

01 January 2010

Contact ME

Mobile No : +6017-888 0777

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NMO Tools

I'm using quality products i.e MAC, Shu Uemura, Channel, Bobbi Brown, Laura Mercier, RMK, Krayolan and etc.
Always believe that if I am comfortable & satisfied with the products used on my own face-my customers would want the same end result too! Customer satisfaction will always be my priority :-)

NMO Service & Prices

NadiyaMakeOver provides make over or make up session for any occasions-be it formal or informal functions.
My charges
Wedding Make up -- RM 400 (Make Up ONLY)
Engagement Make up -- RM 300 (Make Up ONLY)
Dinner/Functions Make up -- RM 200 (Make Up ONLY)
Hair Do -- additional RM 50

All the above charges are inclusive of transportation fees within KLANG VALLEY - Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Putrajaya & Cyberjaya ONLY.

Special Discount :- Can be negotiated if more than 2 person (for function group) OR more than 2 times make up i.e tunang 1 session, nikah 1 session and majlis bertandang 1 session OR Company special functions.
Special Arrangement for request outside klang valley--please call/sms or inbox me for further enquiries on price.

Securing date(s) for your unforgettable event - a 50 % deposit is required. It's a win-win situation for your goodself and me. Once 50% payment is made, the date (s) will be blocked for YOU and no other bookings are allowed.
Cancellation-either party, minimum of 3 days notice required. Full refund of the deposit will be given-NO question asked!
Payment can be made via online transfer either to Maybank, CIMB or Alliance bank account. I will SMS to you the account number once you have agreed to hire me as your make up artist of the day :D