12 July 2010

Mentor Akhir-Dewan MBSA Shah Alam

Alhamdulillah-Again I was given the trust by Kak Rose and this time it was a 'live' TV show. I was nervous but yet overwhelmed with the experienced. First time ever in my life mingling with celebrities and they are just like us...normal people but to be franked looking at the way they is not an easy line. You have to work day in and day out just to produce a good "live" reality TV show! And of coz....exhaustion is never in their dictionary.

I'm given the chance to puff Black, Ajai and Abang Nas (Terjah)--"mengigil gak bila pegang muka they all at first touch"--but they were so humble and professional ;-). My biggest thank you to Kak Rose for having the confidence in me and always guiding me-Not forgetting all her other team members-Kak Intan (Friendly & sweet lady), Anna Sha (Warmth & friendly person) & Ika.

Some of the photos taken during the make over and at the powder room-ENJOY!

Shooting Make Up-Mangkuk Tingkat@TV9

My thank you(s) to Kak Rose, Kak CT and Zarina for sharing this valuable experience. My first time experience assisting Kak Rose to make up for a cook show. Not much time was given only 30 minutes and we can't complaint much though...just do the best we can! :-) Enjoy the photos!

Chef before picture

Thank you Zarina for snapping all these photos!

Just the three of us..hehehehe-Farah Asyikin is the guest artist for this episode and her make up was done by my sifu Kak Rose. She is a sweet and humble lady. This episode will be on air on 30th July 2010 @ TV9 8:30pm

02 July 2010

Norbain-Friend's Wedding Reception

Norbain before picture

Alhamdulillah, Norbain has given me the trust again to make her up for her friend's wedding reception that was held at Shangri La hotel, Kuala Lumpur. It's a GREEN theme :-)

The green eye colours and she loves it! Quote from her SMS "Salam, just wanted to let u know that love the make up yesterday especially the eyes. Will send you a photo after the reception which is about 1am n the make up is still good". Alhamdulillah-AMIN.

From side look
Thank you very much Norbain-it's been my great pleasure working together with you.