20 February 2010

Nattasha-Majlis Bertandang 200210

Latest photo taken from the courtesy of the bride & groom. This picture was taken after +-5hours of make up. Alhamdulillah, the foundation base & colours stays "AS IS" and the eye colours blends well too-Just from my personal point of view :-)
Nattasha looks so sweet & no doubt she is photogenic!
Thank you Azhani & Nattasha for giving me the trust! Appreciate it very much!

I just love this picture...she look so lovely and sweet

The after look...please excuse all my pics quality as picture taken by amateurs and using just a normal digital camera ;P

Base used - Laura Mercier, Foundation - Shu Eumura, Powder - Channel, Extreme Matt Lumiere. Eyes colours and cheek-MAC & Estee Lauder, Lips - Mixed

Smokey purple eyeshadow

In the making with me at the background--me NOT pretty...ha ha ha ha. Thanks Zarina for snapping this picture!

Close UP look on Nattasha's face

Nattasha before face

09 February 2010

Nattasha Pre Wedding Photoshoot

As promised-refer to Nattasha 160110 label, I've mentioned that I was hoping to get few copies of Natt's pre wedding photoshoot. Yeay! and here they are...the above are all the beautiful shots for the bride & groom to be this coming Valentine's day. Photos were taken by our professional photographer Vun & Low! Superb quality :-)

Congratulations Nattasha & Azhani!

My Purple Attempt 090210

Mazidah before picture that was taken previously--sorry for the late post (just found the photo) :p

Since Mazidah was wearing a purple headgear and my itchy hands wanted so much to colour her face with colours of purple...I did a quick make over for her eyes. Not complete though as no false lashes was put on. Well it was just a casual make over ;-)

Night Scene Mode-Special Thanks to Munie Ahmad

I had given a trial to take my own photo by using "Night Mode" after being advised by Munie Ahmad as most of pics didn't look that natural after my make over. I was all these while frustrated with my pics outcome as it didn't show the image that I wanted. I am pleased and grateful to Munie for her tips and YESSS it really works! Thank you so much Munie!
Please ignore my above face with bare eyeshadow as I only wanted to try the night mode shot and not detailed to my make up :-)
Pssttt...I am only using a normal digital camera ya...nothing fancy or sophisticated :P

04 February 2010

Liza-Informal Dinner 030210

Liza called me up last minute and requested me to make her up for her informal dinner amongst her old friends.

Again I totally forgot to take her before picture but I still snap this photo.

She has a dark & gloomy skin. From her sms and phone call, repeatedly she mentioned that she wants me to make her fairer & glowing but didn't want the make up to be too heavy.

She also has an eye bag and spotted dark circles around nose area.

The end result-she didn't want me to put false eyelashes and didn't want me to do much shading on her face. Minimal blusher used as well as per request. Her requirements just writting down a few :-
  • She wants a smokey eyes for sexy look but NOT too intense
  • She wants to look sweet yet glowing
  • She wants her skin to look fairer but natural
Ha ha ha...My patience was tested and Alhamdulillah it was repaid! :-)

Another view with flash on--natural, sexy & sweet as per her request :-)

I'm using channel luminous base & shu eumura cream foundation as her base and personally I LOVE IT!