18 May 2017


As Salam All,

With deep regret I am announcing that I am no longer doing my make-over service. Due to unforeseen circumstances and priority changed. However beauty is always my passion and that will never fade in me. I believe all women in the world would agree with me that we just love being beautiful and indeed we are beautiful creature that Allah has created.

Once again, from the bottom of my heart thank you so very much to all who has supported me from day-one and I am blessed to be part of their wonderful journey. 

But wait....didn't I just say beauty is my passion eventhough I am no longer doing the make-over service - it didn't mean I stop blogging about beauty right? Looking back at my old post, I did some beauty products review posts based on my personal usage and experience. Do you think I should continue doing it? I think I should and with that I am going to do a little bit of revamp on my blog. Stay tuned people.....

I am also taking this opportunity to wish all Muslims Ramadhan Kareem and may this Ramadhan brings more barakah and greater sustenance from Allah S.W.T

Nadiya Abdul Hamid

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