02 July 2010

Norbain-Friend's Wedding Reception

Norbain before picture

Alhamdulillah, Norbain has given me the trust again to make her up for her friend's wedding reception that was held at Shangri La hotel, Kuala Lumpur. It's a GREEN theme :-)

The green eye colours and she loves it! Quote from her SMS "Salam, just wanted to let u know that love the make up yesterday especially the eyes. Will send you a photo after the reception which is about 1am n the make up is still good". Alhamdulillah-AMIN.

From side look
Thank you very much Norbain-it's been my great pleasure working together with you.


Anonymous said...

not sure if its the camera...but this makeup is sooo much better than her previous one that you did.

She looks absolutely stunning and love the lenses as well!!

Apa colour tu??

-teka siapa ni-

NADIYA said...

Hi Ananymous :-)

Tq for the comments.

1. Yes it is the camera as I took a wrong shot. I x zoom :-) & I x berapa reti guna the camera. Balik rumah baru tanya Cik Abg mcm mana nak dpt gambar yg best...sbb life & camera was diff & I x puas hati wth my camera end hu hu
2. The eye colour oso diff sbb the 1st one is day make up & I dun put on heavy colours on her eyes.
3. Alamak! The contact lense colour kena tanya Norbain herself as it's hers & I x sempat pulak Tanya the color.

Appreciate your comments :-)

Azie NZ said...

she looks totally different after the make up, prettier & cute. well done nadiya

Suara Kalbu said...


Ini pun sangat cun habis. Tabik spring la u