28 February 2011

Lela Nikah & Sanding-Puchong Perdana

First and foremost my thank you(s) to Saybe (Sabrina) for giving me the trust to make over her cousin on her big day. Appreciate it :D

Lela BEFORE picture

Lela make up for NIKAH

Nikah's eye colours

Love this picture-took it candid!

I am honoured as well to perform my task on her sanding day-which was done a day after her nikah :-). Her theme was lilac-marvelous setup on pelamin decoration as well the wedding tent.

Lela on her sanding day :-)

Another sweet pose by the bride-hair done by me too :D

The eye colours

Another close up look-used fake lashes at bottom lid too ;-)

Fantastic pose by the bride :D

Look at the pelamin...isn't it beautiful? Simple yet elegant!


Fadhlillah Adnan said...

Love the reception makeup! Lawa & flawless...good job nadiya! :)

Delicious-Cuppies said...


waaaa.... shantekkkkk... ai like...

princeton said...

So sweet my sister...thanks modern mak andam.. hehehe