01 January 2011

Farah-Majlis Bertandang, Putrajaya

Salam People,

A NEW YEAR...a GOOD start for me as I was being hired by Farah to do the make up for her majlis bertandang. The groom side is at Perak and I have to start and make up her as early as 7am as she needs to push off from Putrajaya by 10am.

Something happened-first time ever in my life and I am so so thankful to Farah for giving me the wake up call. Yes I was overslept and my hp alarm didn't ring. I do NOT know why....I have set the alarm clock at 5.30am but it just didn't ring. I am known to all my friends as the wake up caller and I'm used to getting up early in the morning. Perhaps today, this morning on a NEW YEAR is the opposite for me :P. Farah called me up at 6:40am to ask me where I am as she was worried if I couldn't find her house....I got the shocked of my life....damnnnn I'm late. With the fastest ever action with NO make up...I rushed to Farah's house and alhamdulillah...I managed to reach her house by 7:30am. Thanks to my formula 1 driver too (my better half) and poor kids...we have to drag them as no one was at home.(Since I'm late and I'm NOT familiar with Putrajaya better half offered to drive me there).

Farah before picture

Tadaa..All ready accept the outer selendang

Another close up look

The eyes-I've used Bobbi Brown colours

Side look-her lips was coloured with MAC lipstick in Angel

My greatest thank you(s) to Farah and family for giving me the trust. She has a lovely parents...her parents came all the way from Terengganu for this historical event of their one and only daughter out of 4 siblings (others all boys...rose among the thorns huh!).

Once again thank you Farah for the wake up call and thank you very much for having me as your MUA for the day :-). Congratulations Farah!


Fadhlillah Adnan said...

love it! suke la eye shadow BB pallette ye? :)

NADIYA said...

Hi Fad! Tq u so much...a'ah in pallette...the one I bought masa BB party. Ada at my previous post :-)

Colour dia mmg best! beli la babe..hehehe

Suara Kalbu said...

Santekla tang mata tu Nad

k|ree said...


NADIYA said...

SK & Nadiah : Tq u so much! Appreciate it!

SK : I love BB colours! Earth tone colours, it enhances your eyes :-)

izahdaut said...

siriyes cantikkkkk.....