19 June 2011

Fatin & Azmir - Wedding Photoshoot | 19th June 2011

Salam People,

Once again I'm honoured to have the trust from Ezan's family but this time round I'm doing the make up for the outdoor bridal photoshoot. Thank you Fatin and Azmir for sharing this memorable event with me. One unique thing about this event - for the 1st time in my make up experience...I've been served a cup of coffee by the groom! YES...Azmir did the coffee for me. Such a humble and sweet guy he is! Fatin, you are one lucky lady! :D

Fatin's before picture - sweet, humble & courteous lady

ALL pictures taken without flash -using just natural light

Picture taken outside the cottage @ A Park - excuse the fog from the pic, my bad - camera lense was covered with fog (just came out from an aircond room and I didn't notice that I did not cover the lense :P)

CONGRATULATIONS to both of you and the journey just begins...seize every moments together!


Anonymous said...

kak nad, this is a preview of my wedding album, ade a few of the outdoor pics, wanted to tag u but can't find you on facebook. if u want a closer up pic i can email to you when i get the whole set of pics from the official photographer.

Thanx again for doing my makeup on such short notice!


NADIYA said...

Hi Fatin,

Thank you so much for the follow up! Boleh tak Fatin email me at my email address and my facebook is Nadiya Abdul Hamid. How about urs?

Thank you so much once again!

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