18 March 2010

Ms Liza - Private Function 160310 to 170310

Liza was my repeat customer and this time her rules & regulations remains the same from previous...ha ha ha ha. Even she is a difficult one but it teaches me to be very very patience and YES...I've gained lots of experience on how to handle a difficult & demanding customer. Guess that is also the reason as to why she still hires me eh! :-)
Liza before picture, this time I've remembered to snap her photo. The actual plan was, she hired me for 3 consecutive days for her private function. Something came up on the 3rd day and received last minute cancellation from her but nevertheless full payment was made as I've secured my leave and wasted 1 day of my leave. Looking at the positive side...I have 1 full day to spend with my kids :D

She requested for purple eyeshadow with NO false eyelashes. She has hired another person to assist on the hairdo, thus save my effort & time too .. :D

She requested for black & gold eyeshadow-Same person hired for her hairdo!


mdrizkhan said...

Great Job Sweetie!
Insya'Allah, patience and your grace will pay off n business grow better :-)

Siti Ruzaimah said...

keep up d gd effort... dun gv up ye!

NADIYA said...

D: Thank you so much Sayang...insya'allah-AMIN.

Siti: Tq very much Siti...insya'allah I will do the very best I can ;-)

Eha Beauty said...

Sweeet...sangat cun..paling suka tang bibir...Congts Nadiya.