20 February 2010

Nattasha-Majlis Bertandang 200210

Latest photo taken from the courtesy of the bride & groom. This picture was taken after +-5hours of make up. Alhamdulillah, the foundation base & colours stays "AS IS" and the eye colours blends well too-Just from my personal point of view :-)
Nattasha looks so sweet & no doubt she is photogenic!
Thank you Azhani & Nattasha for giving me the trust! Appreciate it very much!

I just love this picture...she look so lovely and sweet

The after look...please excuse all my pics quality as picture taken by amateurs and using just a normal digital camera ;P

Base used - Laura Mercier, Foundation - Shu Eumura, Powder - Channel, Extreme Matt Lumiere. Eyes colours and cheek-MAC & Estee Lauder, Lips - Mixed

Smokey purple eyeshadow

In the making with me at the background--me NOT pretty...ha ha ha ha. Thanks Zarina for snapping this picture!

Close UP look on Nattasha's face

Nattasha before face


Saybe said...

Nadiya...cantik u make up..berubah muka dia...sweet

Nadiya said...

Tq very much Sab! Nanti ur turn...jgn lupa book I kay...he he he he :-)

mimie hamdan said...

babe... seriously cantik!!! congrats kay...!!

Suryana said...

wow dh pandai wat rambut. cantik ;) congrats

Fadhlillah Adnan said...

she looks so gorgeous! sangat berjaya adapt ayang kamells look... Bravo!!

kami said...

serius cun...............
padanan bulu mata lebih mengancam......

Nadiya said...

Tq you very very much ALL-Alhamdulillah. I do appreciate all comments and insya'allah I will NOT stop learning in this subjective world of make up :-)