17 April 2010

Da Sisters - Amilita N Awanis Zaini 170410

Once again gratitude to the one and only for giving me this 'rezeki' and my thank you(s) to Zarina & Awanis for sharing this job with me.

I'm given the trust to do a make over for the sisters in conjunction of KaK Millie's birthday as she wants this memorable event to be captured gracefully at Putrajaya. All of these lovely and sweet sisters are daughters to Dato' Seri Zaini, one of our national hero who had fight for our country from being intruded by terrorist. To be franked, I felt really honoured to have this chance and I've met the hero in person. Dato' is such a humble and sporting dad to all of his girls. Loving dad he is! Not forgetting the "Mama" to these girls...lovely and friendly lady she is :-)

Below are the pictures...ENJOY :-)

Awanis - BEFORE Picture

Tadahhhhh....she is bless with soft and smooth skin texture-Flawless. No doubt she is beautiful :-)

I did mettalic grey with black socket for her eyes-Alhamdullilah her swelling right eye managed to be covered.

And another look ;-)

Kak Millie has a very nice face structure-high cheek bone, deep eyes & sharp chin.

There she is...sweet, pretty & photogenic

Her eyes colours-Silver & Black

Side look of Kak Millie.

They are my piece of artwork-LOVE IT! :D


From left to right-Afzan, Amilita, Amiza & Awanis


Delicious Cuppies said...

cantik cantik!!

infinitibeauty said...

mmg cantik babas lah.....tapi kesian muka awan sebelum tu.....dengan mata bengkak gitu.....kak milie pun tetap vogue gitu....sama kasih....sharing is caring....mudahan sama akan murah rezeki dalam bidang mekap nie....amin

NADIYA said...

Tq very much Helmi! :-)
Zarina: Sama2 kasih juga...Amin...Amin ya rabbal al-lamin.

Awanis Binti Zaini said...

ala nadiya tak edit rambut awan yg gerbang2 tu...huhu~~

Fadhlillah Adnan said...

So sweeeett!! Love it! ;)

Nadiya said...

Awanis: Saya sudah buang iteww gambar...he he he

Fad: Tq u so much Fad!