14 April 2010

My Best Friend Wedding 100410

Last weekend I've attended one of my best friend wedding at Restaurant Seri Melayu. She is my buddy since we were in high school and I am very happy for her as she has found the love of her lifetime and she will be settling down in UK. Since it was her BIG day and knowing that she will be leaving soon...I can't miss this historic day and I have decided to GO GREEN on that day ;-).
The above pic of my eye colours-smokey green with a dash of mettalic. I've used fake lashes to enhance my eyes too :D

The above pic was taken after the dinner-it was 1 am and my make up still last! :P

Another view of my eyes

Me in the car--on my way to see Captain Dr Shazlina Othman & Lt Col Jaimie Roylance.
Selamat Pengantin Baru to both of them and until death to them apart! I am going to miss you Shaly!


Ah lee Ah keem said...

WOW!!! beautiful. with fake eyelashes n color lens make u look like pengantin too ;) aw!!!

Suryana said...

ni mekap ko paling cantik di mataku cewahh.. sweet bangat! n i loike your lipstick color la kawan..

Nadiya said...

Kak Lin : Tq u so much! Girl ni pengantin dah lama daa...he he he he...nanti girl balik s'pore, I'll make you over and make you like a DIVA :)

Su: Tq...Tq...Tq...very much. Aku guna pencil liner and lip gloss babe :-). You can give it a try. Choose nude color for lip liner and natural colour for lip gloss :-)

infinitibeauty said...

orgnya...mmg dah cantik pun...

Fadhlillah Adnan said...

suke la nadiya makeup...cantik je...nak try la makeover bleh? (coz sendiri makeup huduh, huhu)
Hehehe... :p

Nadiya said...

Zarina: Terima Kasih

Fad: Tq u so much! Eh awak pun apa kurangnya make sendiri...meletop I tengok hari tuh....apa kata kita main make make up I and I make up you...he he he he

Shaly said...

Thanks for coming Nad and u did look ravishing...U will have to come and visit me here! Miss u already!

Nadiya said...

AWWWW...thk u so much Shaly! You were glowing too on your BIG day!

I do...I do..I do WANT to go and see you there! Insya'allah, once I have the opportunity...I will definitely let you know.

You take care & hope to see you really2 soon! Love you! Emmuuuaaahhhhs!