09 May 2010

Advance Eyebrow Class with Kak Rose 080510

I've attended an advance eyebrow class with K.Rose at her boutique in Puchong. Love her work done especially in eyebrow and with no hesitation I signed up for the class. K.Rose is a senior make up artist and has been in this industry for more than 13 years...she's currently a make up artist to Lisa Surihani and has been doing others too :-)

The model is K.Rose only daughter ;-) - Fatin is her name. This is how her original eyebrow looks like and very challenging to define and shape it.

The 1st technique-more suitable for round and longish face. This is done by the sifu...see how define it is....As per K.Rose advice, if the customer do not want to shave the eyebrow, the remaining hair after we have defined the brow, can be covered with a foundation and blend it with a :-)

And this is done by the amateur a.k.a ME...he he first attempt...tough job! Bila tgk sifu buat macam senang je, but when it comes to your turn...fuhhhhh....sweaty palm people! Oh ya! see how I cover with foundation and blend it with a highlighter....can't see the remaining hair right?

2nd technique-suitable for those who wants a sexy and fierce look and with an oval face. Abby Abadi loves this technique according to K.Rose ;-). This is done by the sifu.

Done by ME for the 2nd technique ;-). K.Rose commented "Ekor kena tarik panjang sikit" Agreed sifu & noted!

3rd technique - straight and long and suitable for most faces. Done by the sifu of coz!

Done by Nadiya :D. Sifu said pass! wheee.....

Overall, I really enjoyed the class and K.Rose is a very nice and sweet lady. Never tired of teaching us and she will make sure that you do it right even if you have to finish the class from 10am to 10pm! Seriously....I'm not kidding! This is how she wants her student to "pandai" and it's all hands on which I really love it as it is practical too!
I'm planning to go for another class with K.Rose-HAIRDO...insya'allah.

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can u make up guy like me??