07 May 2010

TM Dinner-James Bond Theme 070510

Aini BEFORE picture

Alhamdulillah, again I was given the trust to make over Aini for her dinner with Telekom and don't play2 with the theme...deng deng deng deng deng...JAMES BOND ;-)

Aini chose to become Lucy Liu...hrmmm to think of it...Lucy Liu was in Charlie's Angel kan?? he he he he...Oh! nevermind, she still look stunning bottomline is...she's wearing a black cheongsam with gold lining and red flowery pattern. Amoi leng luiii ooo :D

Her eyes colours-Metallic grey, black and a blend of red maroon.

Her transformation...Lucy Liu with big eyes..;-)


AMS said...

Nad, Michelle Yeoh la.... Tomorrow Never Dies....
Fantastic touch and transformation.... I looked very Chinese.. Thanx Nad.

Suara Kalbu said...

Awesome. Sangat cantik hasil kerja u Nad.