05 May 2010

TSSB Annual Dinner-Nite of Jewel 010510

Aini BEFORE picture

Aini Mazlin was my ex boss during my tenure years in Adam017 & TimeCel. She is my mentor and sifu. "Garang" boss but yet soft spoken and supportive. I have learnt loads of things from her and I am where I am today....with her guidance too ;-)

She has called me for my "magic touch" as she quoted ;D to make her up in an Arabic dinner theme that was held in Pullman, Putrajaya.

Tadaaa...such a sweet & lovely lady she is...physically & deep within :-)

Smokey blue/torquise eye colours I did for her, to match her dress and the arabic theme

Another view of this beautiful & strong lady-Aini Mazlin Shahnizam.
Thank you very much Aini, for giving me the trust! Emmuaaahss!

1 comment:

AMS said...

Wah Nad..... puji lebeh2 nampak..... x dapat apa pong dah.... no more appraisal for you...:)
Anyway, I seriously love the way U transformed me.... your patient and passion over the 3 hours really shown your commitment to deliver your KPI...
Just love it !!!! Thanx!