31 December 2010


Salam People,

New Year, another year for ALL of US. A year for us to work harder, achieve better results, improves ourselves, remember the mistakes we had made previous years but try NOT to repeat it again and make it as part of our life journey and experiences. Whatever it goes on and ALHAMDULILLAH we are still given the chance by Allah to breath the air we are currently breathing and be with our loved ones. I'm gratitude...SYUKUR ALHAMDULILLAH with all the blessings he had given to me and my family for the past years and praying that many more years to come with his blessings.

I am taking this opportunity to wish all my family, friends & customers A BLESSED 2011 and may all your goals & dreams be fulfilled along with his blessings. My thank you(s) to all of you for the never ending support given to me. I'll treasure it and with this wonderful support of makes me paddle my dream slowly but surely to reach my aim in my line of passion-make up it is! I will never stop learning and learning, gain more experiences and expose myself....without ALL of YOU!...YOU...YOU...YES, you who is currently reading this-you guys have help me A LOT & THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH from the bottom of my HEART!

My Special tribute to these group of people for making me realizing my dreams and putting me where I am now with NMO...

  • Mohd Rizwan Khan (My better half)-Tq you very much for your endless support, undying love and always always always be beside me thru hard and good times. Thank you for being a terrific dad to the kids, always lend your helping hand when I need you the most! My prayers always for your success in your career and may your dreams are fulfill in years to come-Amin.
  • Pn Siti Zainon (My Beloved Mom)-NO one I mean NO one can ever replace you! You have been my backbone, my love of my life, my ONE and only person that knows me...that cared for me when NO one else will...that will always pick me up whenever I fall...a person that knows what's BEST in life and most of ALL...a GREAT GREAT GREAT Grandma for both of kids! Tq so so so MUCH for taking GOOD care of them and nothing in this world could ever replace the sacrifices, the hardwork and love that you have provide to them. They are who they are now...with the tender, loving care of your delicate hands. Insya'allah they will become a successful person in future and that is ALL because of YOU...mummy! Just like what have done to me and boy :-). My prayers always for your great health, happiness, and longevity-Amin.
  • Abdul Hamid (My Dear Ayah)- Tq u so much Ayah...for being a good motivator and thought me how to be a positive person. I love you dearly and my prayers for your great health, happiness, prosperity and longevity-Amin.
  • Nasri (My ONE and ONLY bro) - My driver...when I'm in need of one! :P. Love you much too!
  • My partner in crime Zarina Amal - The person who I learn to crawl with together in this make up line and hey! time flies...look! where we are now babe! ;-). Do check out her make up blog too - INFINITY BEAUTY.
  • Mimie Hamdan (I still call her Helmi) - The person who I know since my employment years in my previous company and she taught me how to blog...YES...she is my blog sifu and this NMO preciously done by her...without her gadget freak attitude....I will NOT be having this BLOG. Non existence I guess...hehehe. TQ u so much babe...for the undying support. Oh ya! she bakes delicious cakes too...check out her DELICIOUS CUPPIES blog.
  • Aznita Ismail (My 1st make up sifu) - A warm at heart person she is...she gives us the positive aura in making us realize about our passion. Tq u so much Aznita! Check out her bridal business EHA BEAUTY.

I know this entry is full of text and with NO pictures (boring eh?). For me...It is meaningful as this entry is a special dedication to ALL the people that made my journey as a MUA a success ! and insya'allah with all your prayers too...I'm hoping a GOOD start for year 2011 and may ALL our dreams come true with his blessings-AMIN.

Enjoy your days and seize every moments with your loved ones.


mimie1678 said...

alamak... mak teruja nie nokkk... mcm bg speech atas pentas uuu... and thanks a lot to u tooo my dear gorgeous fren!! i learned a lot from you too be more positive in life..less hot tempered..and importantly...pandai makeup2... hehehe... friends forever kay!! muahhhssss...

NADIYA said...

Hey gf...we cared for each other and true friend is hard to find. I'm glad that I've found you! :)
Hugs & kisses!