14 January 2010

Siti Sarah-MakeOver 100110

Siti Sarah before her make over. She’s my niece who is expecting her 1st baby soon. Her skin is soft & supple…just a few breakouts which is perfectly normal when your hormones change during pregnancy. Nevertheless, she is glowing and one thing I like about this girl…she is so relax and cool:-)

I chose smokey eyes as I wanted to give this hot
mama a turn on look :D. It turns out OK, I guess ... but her husband was pretty shocked with the colour-ha ha ha.I didn't trim nor shave her eyebrows as per her request-brows were never shaped or thread in her entire life NOT even during her wedding day!But she is bless with the natural curve.

Tadahhh…maybe it wasn’t my best shot doing this make over. To be franked I wasn’t feeling that OK on the day I did her make up (Having a back pain and the make over was done at my mum’s in law’s place). I’m NOT 100% satisfied with my work and still lots of learning needs to be done. A motivation for me to strive harder and to learn from the experience too! Feel free to drop me your comments—I’m an OPEN person who is willing to receive it, give it to me…ha ha it good or BAD, I’ll take the challenge ;-). I always believe—nothing in this world comes easy for something that is good. No such thing as “SHORTCUT”…is ALL about working hard, smart, BAD critics, people hate you….people talk bad behind you—ALL these are the challenges I have to face and I can’t STOP it from happening as it’s the facts of LIFE. With these too you will EXCEL, IMPROVE and make you a better person—the person you are today and the person you want to be.

Side view of Siti Sarah—she has such a lovely and sweet smile and I just love her white sparkle teeth! (I wish I have that too…he he he). From this angle—proven that I need to brush up on my shading skills. Insya’allah I will NOT stop learning and learning is never an ending process :-)


Anonymous said...

Cantik lah......berubah muka dia...

ah leen ah keem said...

wow! girl u really have hidden talent. wish u success.

Nadiya said...

Zarina: Tq u so much!
Kak Lin : Tq u so much...alhamdulillah. Kalau kak lin dekat mmg girl dah make over kak lin :D