14 January 2010

Fatin Nadia-140110

I did a mistake-in which I didn't take her before picture..ha ha ha ha. So I digged out & scroll thru my camera roll & found this picture of Fatin with me and frankly I can't recall the date I took this photo :-).

Fatin Nadia hardly wears make up and when she does...she is stunning! Just scroll below to see how she looks!

View on the colours I've put on her eyes--I just love the colours :-D

How does she looks? Stunning aite? She is photogenic too!

Another pose from Ms Photogenic-Fatin Nadia!


EHA Beauty Parlour said...

I like...meletup punya make up..Congrts Nadiya.

Yen said...

congrats, u really make Fatin changed!!!, Keep up a good work hehe

NADIYA said...

Aznita: Terima Kasih byk2 cikgu...ini hasil usaha tunjuk ajar Pn Aznita juge :-)

Shereen: Tq u so much! Really appreciated it!