05 January 2010

Helmi Liza-New Year MakeOver 010110

Helmi Liza-my good friend, colleague & staff and has been knowing her for quite number of years. From the moment I knew her...she was never a positive person on her image. I've continously tell her that no wonder what size or shape we are BEAUTIFUL. She is a SIMPLE lady, jeans & loose t-shirt was her favourite previously. She started to change slowly...of course with her husband's blessing too and walah...she is now full of colours and much more confident of herself. She is mom of a 6 year old daughter-Nasirah. She's a tough lady..literally (Don't even mess with her else you'll be jumping out from the building..hahahaha) but very sincere & kind at heart.

This make over I've done for her is mainly to boost her day as her beloved husband is coming home!

I've chose earth tone colour to suit her all day wearing and "alhamdulillah" it turn out well on her. My challenge with her is her rounded face. Loads of shading need to be done and since I'm still's not as perfect as I wanted it to be. There's always room for improvement and I will improve it!


Saybe said...

way to go Nadiya! cantik !

Nadiya said...

Thanks Sab!

Bila la I nak make up kan you nie..he he he