04 February 2010

Liza-Informal Dinner 030210

Liza called me up last minute and requested me to make her up for her informal dinner amongst her old friends.

Again I totally forgot to take her before picture but I still snap this photo.

She has a dark & gloomy skin. From her sms and phone call, repeatedly she mentioned that she wants me to make her fairer & glowing but didn't want the make up to be too heavy.

She also has an eye bag and spotted dark circles around nose area.

The end result-she didn't want me to put false eyelashes and didn't want me to do much shading on her face. Minimal blusher used as well as per request. Her requirements just writting down a few :-
  • She wants a smokey eyes for sexy look but NOT too intense
  • She wants to look sweet yet glowing
  • She wants her skin to look fairer but natural
Ha ha ha...My patience was tested and Alhamdulillah it was repaid! :-)

Another view with flash on--natural, sexy & sweet as per her request :-)

I'm using channel luminous base & shu eumura cream foundation as her base and personally I LOVE IT!


k|ree said...

kak nadiya....sangat cantik...lawa2... :)

Nadiya said...

Tq very much! Alhamdulillah...setelah dicabar dgn hebatnye...he he he

kami said...

gila la meletops!!!!!sgt berbeza...
cun2,...mazid mcm familiar la dgn tuan empunya diri di mana ya...

Fadhlillah Adnan said...

ohoo...yang ni la u kate quite cerewet tu...hehe...suke la u makeup nampak natural & tak over sangat... :)
bestnyer u dah ada base chanel & foundation shu tu! harus di beli yer? hehe...
*emm, i nak kena blaja ni camne mekup nak hilangkan eye bag & dark circle nih... :)

Nadiya said...

Fad..mmg kena invest the channel base & shu cream foundation. Worth every penny! :-)
The dark circle and eye bag I guna normal concealer je (Maybeline). Blum invest channel yg Ayang pakai tuh. Tadi gi jln2 kat pavillion and my friend test the eye concealer mmg best! As she is having quite serious eye bag problem. Our next wish list eh...insya'allah...skrg dah pokai...he he he