09 February 2010

Nattasha Pre Wedding Photoshoot

As promised-refer to Nattasha 160110 label, I've mentioned that I was hoping to get few copies of Natt's pre wedding photoshoot. Yeay! and here they are...the above are all the beautiful shots for the bride & groom to be this coming Valentine's day. Photos were taken by our professional photographer Vun & Low! Superb quality :-)

Congratulations Nattasha & Azhani!


Fadhlillah Adnan said...


Nadiya said...

Tq so much Fad :-)

Suryana said...

u sure did a gud job on her nadiya!

FUZZY said...

gawjes, u go girl! bila hi-tea gathering niii cum serAANNGGGGG our feveret PORTS!