28 October 2010

Bobbi Brown Party 291010

Salam People,

I am waiting patiently to attend this event. Since our last visit to BB counter at Pavillion last 2-3 weeks, I've been waiting eagerly to go again tomorrow. I just love the new hydrating skincare range that Bobbi Brown offers.

It is perfect for my oily combination skin.

I've got a few sample of their hydrating gel cream, face tonic, eye cream. Love ALL of them!

Attached is the picture of the hydrating skincare range-highly recommended :-)

psttt...we'll see what other damages I'm going to do at Bobbi Brown tomorrow...hehehehe. Cosmetic purchases are good for my make up business aite? (Good investment too :P)


Mimie Hamdan said...

me too... tp tak tau nak beli apa.. huhu...

NADIYA said...

Hahahahaha...tak tau apa nak beli ye dah borong satu kedai Bobbi Brown kay...hahahaha.

Anyway really enjoy the shopping kan! hehehe