29 October 2010

After Party-Bobbi Brown

Salam People,

Yes I'm updating my blog again...hehehehe. As Helmi "kutuk me" , "semalam ada orang update blog"hahahaha. (I've learnt from the best :D)
Anyhow, our troupe headed to Pavillion today at 12 noon sharp and the road is kind to us too-it was a smooth traffic! Reached Pavi at 12:15pm and off we went to Bobbi Brown for the party.
Simone (Retail Manager) was not there yet (btw, she is a friendly lady and pssttt.... she gave away loads of free gifts! Trust me!). I've RSVPed my invitation thru her as our last visit to the shop she has assisted us and loads
of tips given by her too. Lovely lady!
Ok-while waiting for Simone, we were entertained by Shaffira (did I get the spelling right?). Nice & friendly girl. We had our time there! They served finger foods and as usual...we whacked it and Shaffira had to replenish it and after being went empty again...muahahahaha.
All of us were happy with our purchases and below are my purchases :D. Thought of sharing as personally I love their skin care-perhaps you may want to give it a try and bet you will never regret it! :-)

My skincare set ;-)

Some of the make up range I've purchased - Face Sweep brush, eyeshadow palette & 2 way powder

This eyeshadow pallette was reserved for me by Simone (TQ U SO MUCH) - Limited edition and today I came no more stock available, in fact Shaffira told me that many customers persuaded them to sell the reserved stock :-)

Tadaa....see what did I tell you....THE FREE GIFTs! Aren't they GENEROUS? Indeed they are! Thank you so much Shaffira, Simone and ALL Bobbi Brown Ladies ;-)

And NOT forgetting the FREE bag!

Before we left the store, Simone did mention that she will call us for their next workshop! wohoo!...can't wait people and for surely I will update my blog again...heeeee :D

Talk to you again....


nazliman said...

tak acii tauuu simone kasi uols banyak sample... nanti kalo jumpa dia next event nak jerit kat dia...ahaha

NADIYA said...

Ayooo...nanti dia pulak jerit kat I...hehehehe.

Cik Li...agak2 bila sampai benda yg hebat tuh? hehehehe