19 October 2010

Linda & Azlan's Nikah & Reception 171010

My thank you(s) to Asleen's and family for giving me trust to make up her youngest sister on her big day! The nikah was at Masjid Besar Subang Jaya and reception was at De Palma Hotel Shah Alam.

A bubbly bride and warm groom they are. May Allah bless this NEW journey of yours as husband and wife forever until death do both of you apart-AMIN.

Quoting from the bride's SMS to me :

"THANX SO MUCH FOR THE ASTONISHING N MAGNIFICENT MAKE UP! Everyone luvs it! Ur the man!Thanx again!"

Hahahahaha....she's such a funny and humourous girl!

Linda before picture

Ready for nikah

Nikah's eye colours-earth natural colours

Ready for wedding reception at De Palma Shah Alam

Reception's eye colours-light smokey colours


Sheila Abdul Rahim said...

wow...amazing!!!love the eye ;)

NADIYA said...

Tq very much Yati! Nanti kalau Yati atau kengkawan ada yg nak make up--just let me know ya!