19 October 2010


Salam Everyone,

I know it's been ages since my last post! Please accept my sincere apology as I admit that I'm NOT a blog person even though I work in IT line ;-). Repeatedly I've been "bebel" my buddy Helmi..."please update your blog, eventhough you don't have any pictures to upload...provide make up tips and anything about people do not know you in person and when you write, people will know you better ;-)". Not her exact words but I do understand where she's coming from. OK, yes I should as I like to read about beauty and like to observe beauty too.

I will ...may I repeat again...I will try to at least share my humble knowledge in the world of beauty to all my dearest friends out there and who ever by any chance reading my blog. Insya'allah.

Oh! do enjoy my "blog make over"- Biggest "THANK YOU" to Mimie Hamdan for helping me out ...again...hehehe. Please check out her personal blog "My Precious" and her delicious cakes blog "Delicious Cuppies". Seriously peeps...her cakes and cupcakes are delicious!

Talk to you again....

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