25 December 2010

Azian's Engagement Day-Sunway

Salam People,

It was the E-Day for this bubbly & funny girl and what a coincident! we shared the same zodiac-Gemini! :-) and and ...her fiance is a Leo in which my hubby also is and and and....I'm engaged the same date as Azian 25th December but it was 10 years ago! *Teringat kejap 10 tahun dulu, while doing her make up :P*

I am pleased to be accompanied by all of Azian's of gemini's traits-we are good with friendship and we can adapt ourselves in any situation.....hence that's explain as to why Azian has many friends :D

My thank you(s) to Azian & family for giving me the trust & warm hospitality :-). Congratulations are now getting closer to a new chapter of your life. Stay strong & patience and insya'allah it will be smooth sailing until the BIG day!

Azian's before picture

Azian is ready :-)

The eyes-she wanted something natural :-)

P/s. My apology for NOT taking her full dress picture. I need to excuse myself as I'm heading to another wedding and her fiance's arrival was scheduled to arrive later from the said time. Hope to get the beautiful pictures from Azian.

To Azian, appreciate if you could email me the photos ya! Thanking you in advance :-)

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Ogy said...

lawanyaaaaaaaaaa...gud job!!