22 December 2010

Let's talk about HAIR & SCALP CARE

Salam People,

It came across my mind to share some hair products that I have been using as admittedly I have an oily and sensative scalp. If I wrongly selected a Shampoo....that is IT--small flakes will start to grow and my scalp start to feel itchy.

You just name it ALL the shampoo with dandruff control agent-ALL I've used it but still problem persists. Finally by chance I got to know about Lactacyd cleansing liquid.

Lactacyd is a cleansing liquid with milk extract. With a PH of 3.5 it helps to control the natural acidity of our skin. It can be used for face, body and also as a shampoo. It is also can be used for the most sensative skin including the skin of a NEWBORN baby!

I've used this when my scalp condition was bad at that point of time but it healed tremendously after few washes :-). can also be used as an intimate wash and it safer than an ordinary feminine hygiene wash as mentioned above it maintain our natural skin acidity. **Even doc recommended it too**

BTW, This is NOT LACTACYD FEMININE HYGIENE wash-this is a CLEANSING LIQUID (The stripes on the bottle is GREEN & BLUE-NOT blue & red.) Don't get mistaken ya! :D

I've recommended to a colleague of mine who had dry sensative scalp and it really works for him! :D

For now and mantainance-I'm currently using Body Shop Ginger Shampoo. Love it as it is natural and minimal hair loss compared to others ;-).

To know more about Body Shop Ginger Shampoo you may view -

Until to you again....Oh Ya! To ALL friends and acquintances who will be celebrating christmas....HO HO HO....MERRY CHRISTMAS! and be safe on the road.

fine print ~ all reviews are personally made by Nadiya and results may differ from one individual to another individual. It is purely based on my personal experiences - sharing is caring :-)


Yen said...

maybe i should try this..never heard about Lactacyd cleansing liquid....yang syeren tahu hanya intimate wash ..thanks for the info

NADIYA said...

no prob Syeren...sahring is caring. You can also use it for your babies..if they have any skin allergies as it safe! :-)