14 December 2010

Waiting ~

Salam People,

How was your weekend? Mine was alright accept that my 4 year old son was down with fever and now mommy is not feeling that good too :P. Thought of taking this opportunity to update my make up blog for a little. (Dad's at work & kids are taking their afternoon nap :-P)

Last saturday I've assisted Helmi Liza in making her reality come true to have an anniversary photoshoot with her beloved hubby. A casual make over to make her day fill with more colours. Photos were professionally taken by Hafiz Hamdan from

AND I'm still WAITING for the amazing photos :D (I did take some photos but for a change....why NOT I wait a while and upload using a professional touch!)

~All GOOD things comes to he who waits~


mimie1678 said...

my dear fren: itu blog url ada sedikit pembetulan... spttnya yer... tq...

NADIYA said...

Sudah tukar ye my dear friend... hehehehe...sowii :P