08 December 2010

Foundation Primer or some may called it as Under Base

Salam People,

How are you doing? Everybody must be very busy preparing for school re-open-shopping on school stuff, books, shoes, uniforms and etc. While others who is still young, single and vibrant-end of year means holidays? or time to clear off their leaves but still layparking with friends-outing, shopping, clubbing and etc :-)

Whatever your year end activities are-for ladies....make up is MUST! We want to LOOK GOOD aren't we? I would love to share some tips on make up, especially before you put on your foundation to make it stay and looking flawless.

Before I'm introduce to the world of professional make up artist-I do NOT know what is Foundation Primer or Underbase? For me previously - 2 simple steps for face make up - Foundation and powder :P before I put on my lipstick, blusher, eyeliner and some mascara.

Now-I am sharing the benefits and importance of why we have to use foundation primer or some may called it as underbase.

Foundation Primer (I called it) is a lightweight, creamy gel meant to be used prior to foundation, creating an invisible layer that acts as a buffer to outside elements. This helps to smoothen your foundation application and some foundation primer will assist to enhance your dull skin and indirectly your skin will glow and brighten up!

There are many foundation primer out there-most of the major cosmetics brand will carry at least 1 but most will carry more i.e MAC, Shu Uemura, Laura Mercier, RMK, Bobbi Brown and etc. Foundation primer comes in many colours and ranges i.e your skin tone & skin texture (skin tone-dull, dark - skin texture-oily, dry)

As for me I have tried most of the foundation primer (MOST but NOT ALL, still shopping around and if anyone has anything to share-feel free to share as I love gathering information and learn from others too) and I'm sharing the best so far I've used (This is my personal preference-some other make up artists may have their own preference too :D)

RMK - Polish base

Laura Mercier Foundation Primer MUA friends heard that make up forever foundation primer is GOOD too! Any comments? :-)

Until to ALL of you again....

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