18 December 2010

Mimie Hamdan & Nadzeri Kassim 7th Anniversary

Salam People,

As promised, I'm supposed to upload these pictures...and here they are. Some of the pictures taken from the courtesy of Hafiz Hamdan (Tq Hafiz!)

This lovely couple did a photoshoot in the remembrance of their 7th year anniversary (ehem...together with a honeymoon retreat :D...every couple should and I repeat should at least ONCE to have just-the-two-of-YOU moments. Rekindle back our love from the first time we met and appreciating where we are now as a husband & wife. It doesn't have to be a BIG event with a BIG budget-a simple ones i.e strolling down the park together, eating ice cream and SEIZE the moments-JUST THE TWO OF YOU-kids,work and home matters please put it aside!)
My thank you(s) to the couple for giving me the trust in making me part of their special day. May Allah bless both of you with infinite loves, happiness, prosperity and until death do both of you apart-AMIN.

Mimie Hamdan before picture

In the process - pic taken by Hafiz Hamdan


Side look and eye colours

Courtesy of Hafiz Hamdan

Courtesy of Hafiz Hamdan


infinitibeauty said...

gud job beb.....taniah

NADIYA said...

Tq u so much Zarina! Emmmuuuaaahss

salina salehan said...

sgt cantik...good job dear

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NADIYA said...

Tq u so much Ina!

Tq u so much IQWA for following my blog too.Appreciate it! :-)

Suara Kalbu said...


I suka ni. Look cantik sangat