05 December 2010

Hazlin-OCBC Dinner 041210

Hazlin has given me the trust to make her up for her company's dinner. It's a 'billion dollar nite'! All glamourous & expensive nite I believe :P

Hazlin before picture - Sweet lady

Tadaa...side look ;-). Hairdo by NMO too-Hazlin requested for hair to be curled

Sorry pic is a bit blurred (my bad :P)-Doesn't she looks like Maria Farida :D

The eyes-smokey as she wants her eyes to look bigger

There she is...ready to go! She chose our traditional kebaya to be different and definitely a billion dollar lady! ;-)

My thank you(s) to Hazlin and family for the warmth welcome and the trust. I'm so happy to know too that Hazlin is bouncing back again after her back illness and she is really looking forward to attend this dinner. Wishing her well and may Allah bless her with good health-Amin.


Suryana said...

sgt cantik ok! lain giler dh mekap... dr biasa2 ke glamor! n i luv the smokey eye shadow..

NADIYA said...

Tq u so much Su! Alhamdulillah :D

Ogy said...

mcm maria farida sikit2...meletoppp!

Suara Kalbu said...


Aiyooooooooooooo... look so different. cantik gilerrrrrrrrrr Nad. Adore u punya hasil kerja ni Nad. Cepat2 jadi glamour mcm make up artis lain ok.